Plot 4


Progressive Energy Ltd have submitted a planning application to Cheshire West and Chester Council to develop a Commercial Bio-Substitute Natural Gas Generation Facility on Plot 4 at Protos.

Non-Technical Summary

The full application will be available shortly on the Council’s website and a link will be added here.

A presentation was given to the Protos community forum on the 12th December. A copy of this presentation can be downloaded here >>


The proposed development is for an innovative £150 million facility which would be capable of converting either waste wood and refuse derived fuel (RDF) into BioSNG. The development would be a ground breaking project, and consistent with the goals of Protos, provides the opportunity for new local skills creation, export and economic growth.

The BioSNG created by the process would be injected directly into the existing gas network and then removed, at a different location, for use as renewable Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). This CNG would be supplied to haulage and bus companies for use in vehicle fleets, which would be supported by the Government’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO).

The proposed technology is a proven ‘gasification’ process of a design which has already been demonstrated. This important technology development is being supported by the Department for Transport (DfT) to promote renewable fuels which play an important part in meeting the UK’s climate change commitments.

The proposed development is different than other plants which produce energy from waste via gasification. Whilst they use combustion of gas to generate electricity, the proposed development would instead process and refine gas into BioSNG for injection into the gas network. This is a fully contained conversion process to make a product rather than for combustion on site.