Thornton Science Park


Thornton Science Park



The University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park is home to the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The high-tech campus has seen multi-million pound investment, with industrial innovation placed at its core.

The 66-acre site offers both students and industry access to world-class research facilities, as well as providing a home for developing enterprises via a 22-unit incubation hub. It boasts 1 million sq.ft of industrial laboratories; workshops and office space; and a new £7 million Energy Demonstrator.


Involvement at Protos:

Thornton Science Park at Protos reflects a direct link between education and industry. By co-locating the faculty with enterprise, the University can offer its students unmatched access to employment opportunities and skilled positions. Reversely, direct links to the faculty opens doors to a highly-skilled and futureproof workforce for businesses at Protos.