This is ENERGY.

Energy is at the core of Protos. Generation and consumption of energy will be the building blocks of what will become a strategic energy hub. Protos could become a powerful engine for some of the UK’s most energy-intensive industries located in the region.

The site has outline planning consent and part detailed consent for energy production, as well as general manufacturing and distribution uses. We have recently confirmed a deal with CoGen Ltd to begin work to construct a biomass facility at one of the first Protos plots and Peel’s adjacent 19-turbine wind farm is also under construction.

By producing energy from a number of different sources, the project can be self-sustainable, as well as helping to underpin thousands of regional jobs. As one of the fundamental needs for business, energy is integral to the Protos offer. Industries locating to the site and surrounding area could take advantage of a direct and reliable source of electricity and heat.